First aid for bureaucratic breakdown

The Kafka Brigade is called into action when citizens and public servants become tangled in a web of dysfunctional rules, regulations and procedures.

The Kafka Brigade is an independent, not-for-profit action research team, comprising a network of action researchers from Amsterdam and the Hague (NL), Boston (USA), Northern Ireland and Wales (UK). Our mission is to tackle the bureaucratic dysfunction and red tape which prevents people from accessing the services they need, and which constrains and frustrates public service staff.

Franz Kafka wrote about the strangling and depersonalising effect of bureaucracy. The Kafka Brigade reminds us that people using services have a lot to say about improving them – if only we would listen.

All public (or semi public) organisations exhibiting serious signs of bureaucratic overload and dysfunction can benefit from the Kafka Brigade’s expertise.

If you are from the UK or Ireland please see the website of the Kafka Brigade UK as well!